Immersive Display Lite 2


(DISCONTINUED: No support provided any more. Order Immersive Display PRO) Immersive Display Lite 2 is image warping and soft edge blending software that provides possibilities for manual adjusting of the image distortion, image overlap and image blending so that when the image is projected to a non planar surface, the image will look undistorted. Typical application of the software is flight simulators, car racing simulators, projector based home cinemas and other first-person software packets in combination with multiple projectors and some sort of omni-directional projection or curved screen.

When a computer-generated image is projected on a cylindrical screen, the projected image will look distorted due to the fact that the projectors are designed to project on planar surfaces. In order to compensate for this distortion, an "inverse" distortion can be applied on the computer-generated image. When such an image is projected to a non-planar surface, the image looks corrected.


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